"Strings Attached"

Today is the first day of my 4th album production.
To begin this new album, I am very happy and proud to record a track with Melina Tobiana, who was featured on my 1st album, Panoramique.

This time, I got even more crazy and ambitious, I have decided to invite and record with all the beautiful voices that moved me, influenced me and made this life a better one. Handpans and Voice duets only.

I am sending bottles at sea and working hard on contacting Sting, Bobby Mc Ferrin, Jason Mraz, Alice Russell, Fink and Nicki Wells.
You have to try to succeed, and at least, in the end, whatever the result, I will have tried !
I am very grateful and thrilled that some of the top french vocal artists that I love already agreed to join this adventure: Nina Attal, Melina Tobiana, Clo Tilde, Cendre Osmoza and Stéphanème.

This album will be called "Strings Attached".

I am already gathering and raising funds for the production process, all the more because there will be a video caption of every duet.
Dear readers and Nattagh's listeners, if anyone of you has any idea to help in the process of making this crazy project, any idea to help contacting these fantastic international artists, find funds, don't hesitate, step in and share your ideas with me.
I would never have imagined receiving so much support and beautiful words along the road to this new album.
Some people have helped me beyond words. I am grateful for ever to be able to express myself and try to make the world a better place. Every little support is of great importance.

Now is the time to enter the recording studio.

Peace to all


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